Ammonite with logo aAmmonite

48 x 39 cm


The original ammonite (shown at the bottom left of the picture) is about 6cm across.  I started painting the picture from the centre of the ammonite, and as the picture progressed, I was amazed to see how much the crystals inside the internal chambers looked like pictures of nebulae and star fields, an amazing example of the micro mirroring the macro.


Cockerel with logoLight Sussex Cockerel

19 x 24 cm


In a private collection

I painted this from a photo I took of a friend’s cockerel striding around his pen.  I particularly enjoyed the challenge of the tail feathers, which had an iridescence to them that made them shine green and purple.

Hazel – Red filbert

Corylus maxima purpurea – hazel – red filbert

29 cm x 38 cm


I had seen the glorious colour of the leaves in springtime, and then in the autumn, I was amazed by the pink of the casings surrounding the nuts, so I wanted to paint the hazel as one of my submissions.  It then took a year, as I slowly added the next stage of growth to the picture.

This is one of the four pieces I submitted to the Royal Horticultural Society, and which were considered to be of Silver Medal standard.