Deep peace of the running wave

Deep Peace of the running waveDeep Peace of the running wave 2Deep peace of the running wave sculpture

Coloured copper wire, steel wire, beads

21 x 14 x 18 cm approx

In a private collection

I was amazed at the possibilities of crocheting (and knitting) as seen on the Institute of Figuring website – – and while browsing the internet for knitting patterns, I saw some sculptures that had been knitted from wire.

Inspired by these, and the Celtic prayer ‘Deep Peace’, I had an idea for an asymmetric wave-shaped basket-shaped design knittted from coloured wire with glass beads, using two strands of 0.3mm wire at a time, which enabled me to gradually change the colours.  The knitted wire ‘fabric’ cannot support itself, so the two layers, the inner and outer ‘bowls’, have a steel wire armature holding them in shape and tension.  I am currently working on a sculpture for the third line of the prayer – ‘Deep peace of the quiet earth’ – and will get back to the ‘Deep peace of the flowing air’ once I can purchase some ‘Baby blue’ coloured wire . . .


small copper treeTree

Stone, copper wire, glass beads

11.5 x 10x 7 cm

In this piece, I wanted to combine the fragile beauty of a tree growing in a place where the roots have to spread over the rock to hold on, and a tiny island.  I decided that I would use copper wire to give the tree a bright colour and because it is easy to twist and shape.